Vice Chancellor Message

The Malir University of Science and Technology believes in humanity, human values and service to mankind. We are committed to provide quality education of International Standard. We inculcate 21st century’s skills in our graduates to make them capable of living and working in competitive environments. We are questing to develop passion for ensure team work among our graduates through different curricular and co-curricular activities. We believe in values and are promoting value based educational philosophy. We are open to all segments of our society and all communities of our country and welcome students, faculty and ministerial staff as our human resources. We aim at producing a generation of professionals, researchers and young leaders to meet the challenges of 21st century.

We are offering our innovative Bachelor Studies Programs in Economics, Development Studies, Education and Medical Technology - Clinical Laboratory Science. These programs are aligned with guidelines of the Higher Education Commission and meet International Standards. Our graduates are equipped with soft skills, critical thinking, ethical values and professionalism; which is our distinction in the community.

Thank you!

Professor Shahida Sajjad (Ph.D)