The Entrepreneurship Learning Centre

MU is committed to continually contribute in the development of a vibrant community, where all segments of the society have the greater choices in their lives; are able to engage in productive activities; and, promote socioeconomic enterprise.

In the back drop of this strategic agenda, MU in collaboration with the Corporate Consulting Group has launched Entrepreneurship Learning Centre.


  • The Centre shall focus on mainstreaming the marginalized and disadvantaged youth (men and women) particularly those living in the vicinity of Koohi Goth and the adjoining communities


  • Youth [men and women] will be mobilized on regular basis, from from Koohi Goth and adjoining communities.
  • Youth [men and women] will be trained in entrepreneurial skills along with job skills through a blend of short courses and long term intensive training programs at the University Campus in Koohi Goth
  • Youth will be provided technical advice/assistance to set up their enterprises

Proposed Modules

The program shall consist of multiple modules, namely;

    1- Basic Business Skills Series

    The series is custom designed to prepare ‘Youth” for initiating their new business initiatives and/or better organizing their continuing small enterprises. The curriculum comprises of multiple modules leading to a “Certificate in Entrepreneurship”. The modules are prepared to develop basic business skills in as much depth as the participants require learning at this stage. The modules are as follows:

  • 1.1 Mastering Entrepreneurship
  • 1.2 Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • 1.3 Accounting for Business
  • 1.4 Negotiation Skills
  • 1.5 Selling Skills
  • 1.6 Communication Skills
  • 1.7 Basic Analytical and Critical Thinking
  • 1.8 Writing Business Plan

  • 2- Entrepreneurship Development Program

    It is a one-month long intensive program. It focuses on consolidating entrepreneurial skills of the Youth. In this program, participants who have successfully graduated at the Basic Business Skills Modules or are already in business will be registered.

    At the end of the training program, participants will be able:

  • Learn to translate their vague ideas into viable business propositions
  • Learn to prepare business plans and financial budgets
  • Learn how to organize their business operations for optimal efficiency
  • Learn how to market their products / services
  • Learn how to record transactions and measure business performance
  • Learn how to manage employees in the business
  • Learn how and when to take loans
  • Learn leadership to grow their business

  • The curriculum consists of following subjects:

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Business planning
  • Financial budgeting
  • Organization design
  • Marketing and Selling Skills
  • Accounting and Financial Statements
  • Hiring, development and motivating employees
  • Borrowing from outside
  • Leadership skills

  • 3- Advanced Seminar in Entrepreneurship

    The program aims at building advanced skills in managing enterprise from a long term perspective. The program curriculum includes discussions on advanced topics such as Enterprise Strategic Planning; Financial Management; Advanced Operations Management; Marketing Management; Corporate Governance for Small Enterprises.

    4- Job-Skills Training Series

    This training series aims to prepare Youth for securing better jobs opportunities. It covers array of stand-alone job-skill based training courses; such as Office Administration and Secretarial Practices; Computerized Accounting; Procurement and Logistics; MS Office, Computer Networking, Graphic designing, English language, Personal grooming, etc.