The Entrepreneurship Learning Centre

Malir University is committed to continually contribute in the development of a vibrant community, where all segments of the society have the greater choices in their lives; are able to engage in productive activities; and, promote socioeconomic enterprise. In the back drop of this strategic agenda, the University in collaboration with the Corporate Consulting Group planning to launch Entrepreneurship Learning Centre [ELC] under the auspices of Malir University, Kohi Goth, Sindh.


  • In shaa Allah the Centre shall focus on mainstream the marginalized and disadvantaged youth (men and women) from across the country and particularly in the vicinity of Kohi Goth and the adjoining communities

Outcomes (Impact)

  • Income generating [employment] opportunities for the youth supplemented
  • Living standards [conditions] of youth and their families improved
  • Progressive and inter-dependent community culture promoted

Outputs (Objectives)

  • Youth [men and women] will be mobilized on regular basis, from across the country and particularly from the Kohi Goth and adjoining communities
  • Youth [men and women] will be trained in feasible trade skills along with entrepreneurial skills through long term intensive training programs at the University Campus in Kohi Goth
  • Youth will be provided technical advice/assistance to set up their enterprises

Proposed Modules

The program shall consist of multiple modules, namely;

  • Basic Module: Trade Skills

    In this module, participants will be trained in different trades like stitching, nursing, elementary teaching, retail business, etc.

  • Intermediate Module: Entrepreneurship Skills I

    In this module, participants who have successfully graduated at the Basic Module or are already skilled in a trade will be registered. Here they will be given basic skills in establishing and running an enterprise.

  • Advanced Module: Entrepreneurship Skills II

    In this module, participants who have successfully graduated from the intermediate module will be registered. Here the participants will be given advanced and/or specialized knowledge of enterprise management.

Monitoring Indicators

Program monitoring shall be done at two levels, namely; impact and objectives. Impact may not be visible in the short run however it shall be monitored from day one to keep track of the changes. All monitoring data will be achieved for trend analysis and transparency.