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4-year BS in Education

Teachers play an important role in bringing about remarkable changes in the lives of the children studying in the schools. Malir University recognizes the importance of education in developing and transforming societies and therefore it has established the Department of Education, which aims to provide quality modern education and promote the culture of critical thinking and futuristic outlook among the teachers. Since a knowledge-based, modern and prosperous society with respect for universal and humanistic values is not possible in the absence of visionary leaders, good thinkers and devoted teachers, Malir University is launching a quality undergraduate program in Education. The Program is designed to provide a broad spectrum that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the subject and is primarily concerned with the introduction and study of key areas in the field of education. In addition, it will also offer some courses from related disciplines to broaden the thinking, perspective and vision of the students.

The BS Program in Education will be of four year duration and requires completion of 144 credit hours of course work including a thesis and 3 credit hours of internship of six weeks in a public or private sector school. In order to obtain the BS degree in 4 years, students will be required to take a load of eighteen credit hours (six courses) in each semester.

Later the University intends offering MS and M.Phil. degrees in Education due course of time.


  • Intermediate with 45% marks including first year and A-Levels with minimum 3 passes

Objectives of the Program

The 4-Year BS degree in Education:

  • Aims at improving all levels of education by ensuring achievement attainment targets and developing students’ learning skills in major subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and Information Technology.
  • Will strengthen the competencies and capacities of the society at national and local levels by training and producing Education Managers capable enough to plan, monitor, account and perform managerial functions.
  • Will help the learner to review the syllabi and the content taught to the students to meet the challenges of the changing times.
  • Will adapt the learner to communicate and co-ordinate with various local and international bodies.
  • Will help produce educators with modern knowledge well-equipped with written and oral communication skills and innovative thinking and critical temperament.

Outcomes of the Program

A graduate in Education will be able to:

  • Analyze, evaluate and ensure that the procedures and practices of education system are meeting the requirements of international standards in their institutions.
  • Facilitate the supportive educational provisions that can help the learnersto excel in their social and professional fields.
  • Provide effective training to the faculty and supporting staff to improve their performance level.
  • To help, assist and promote the culture of scientific teaching and research at the schools in particular.
  • To play their crucial role in the task of knowledge building, nation building and transformation of society at local, national and international levels.
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4-year BS in Education-Program Structure

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
S E M E S T E R - I
101 English– I:Comprehension and Composition 3
102 Content Course- I (from selected discipline-I) 3
103 Child Development (Foundation) 3
104 Computer Skills 3
105 Pakistan Studies 3
106 General Method of Teaching (Foundation) 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 18
S E M E S T E R - II
107 English – II: Oral Communication and Presentation 3
108 Islamic Studies/ Ethics for Non-Muslims 3
109 Content Course-II (From selected discipline-I) 3
110 General Mathematics (Compulsory) 3
111 Teaching of Social Studies (Professional) 3
112 Teaching of Urdu/Regional Language 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 18
201 English-III: Advance English 3
202 Content Course - III (From selected discipline -I) 3
203 Teaching of General Science (Professional) 3
204 Teaching of Mathematics (Professional) 3
205 ICT in Education 3
206 Teaching Practice (Short Term) 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 18
S E M E S T E R - IV
207 Classroom Assessment (Foundation) 3
208 Teaching of English (Professional) 3
209 Content Course IV (From selected discipline-I) 3
210 General Science (Content) 3
211 Islamic Studies for Muslims/Ethics for non Muslims 3
212 Teaching Practice 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 18
S E M E S T E R - V
301 Foundations of Education (Foundation) 3
302 Classroom Management (Foundation) 3
303 Content Course-I (from selected discipline-II) 3
304 Curriculum Development (Foundation) 3
305 Educational Psychology (Foundation) 3
306 Comparative Education (Professional) 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 18
S E M E S T E R - VI
307 Art, Craft and Calligraphy (Content) 3
308 Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies (Professional) 3
309 School, Community and Teacher (Foundation) 3
310 Pedagogy-I 3
311 Introduction to Guidance and Counseling (Professional) 3
312 School Organization & Management (Professional) 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 18
401 Content Course-III (from selected discipline -II) 3
402 Emerging Issues in Pakistan’s Education System 3
403 Pedagogy-II (Methods of teaching related to specialization-I) 3
404 Research Methods in Education (professional) 3
405 Secondary Education 3
406 Internship 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 18
407 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education (Professional) 3
408 Test Development and Evaluation (Professional) 3
409 Teaching Practice (minimum 20 lessons to deliver in the school) 3
410 Measurement & Evaluation 3
411 Research Project 3
412 Thesis 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 18
4-year BS in Education-Program Structure
Teaching of English, General Science, Mathematics and Computer